Never – in my wildest dreams


Croatia is a beautiful country. I never in my life thought – in my wildest dreams – that one day I would live here. And not in the mid of a city but actually in the mountains. For sure I didn’t see this coming! But it did come, and here we are. Me, my husband and our female dog. We travelled by car all the way from Portugal to Croatia. The first time, we free camped most of the time, which was great and gave us a lot of freedom to drive as much as possible each day (basically from sunrise to sunset) and just stop whenever we wanted. No schedules, perfect.

Pedro and I dream of finding a perfect spot where to live in Portugal. A place where we can live sustainably. Off-grid. In communion with Nature. To be part of the great great community of beings of this Earth, away from the great polluting city centres. We have been dreaming of this for about 7 years now. But the timing… the timing wasn’t right yet. So we moved to Croatia. Pedro works as a physicist and I do a thousand different things, mainly translations. And we’ve been here for almost 1 year.

Croatia is still wild in many places. Wild animals roam the woods around our house. In some places in the North, wild bears still exist free. It’s a small country but has 7 national parks. Mountains, forests, islands, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, paradise beaches… it’s all so beautiful and wild. A couple of weeks ago, we went for a walk on the mountain next to us with Maria and suddenly she started to bark… we thought it was a human being somewhere, but it turned out it was actually a badger (or similar, we didn’t have much time to see because the badger passed by us running and we had to fetch Maria so she would let him go in peace). It was such an intense experience!

Now that Spring is coming, more adventures are waiting for us. After so much rain yesterday, the sun is shinning so much today. Maria is sleeping but, as soon as I stand up, she wakes up. And then… off we go into the wildness together, for another long walk in the mid of the winter-naked trees.


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