The Yellow Flowers


Spring is coming back. The trees, once completely naked, have now small green buds growing on their branches. Purple and blue spring flowers sprout from the brown soil covered with mosses of different colours and shapes. The wind is still strong and cold, and water ponds are everywhere, full from the rain from the days before. You can fill it in the air that it’s no longer Winter. Not anymore. It’s transitioning, slowly… so slowly, you almost don’t even notice it if you’re not paying close attention. You need to observe and be aware of it. It’s not as cold as it used to be… The forest awakens.

Yesterday, Maria and I went for a walk together, as we do every time that it’s not raining and the sun comes from behind the clouds to warm up our faces. There are several trails nearby our house, and almost every time we go for a walk, we find a new trail. Yesterday was one of those days.


Maria run wild, as always. Big eyes, tongue out, ears pointing up. You can really see and feel how happy she is when outside in the wild. The way she perceives the world, or how I perceive the way she perceives… it all seems so beautiful. She seems to notice everything that happens around her, so absorbed all the time on her own reality and what’s happening in the present moment. She teaches me every day to live in the moment just by being herself. Yellow flowers are growing in many trees around here. A couple of trees also have white flowers. The Flower… Symbol of Spring.


With my background in biology, it’s a shame that I recognize so few trees and plants. My strength has always been on analysing patterns and seeing the big picture, and somehow I ended up neglecting a bit the learning and memorizing of the names of these beings. However, I’ve come to realise I can’t simply live in this world without getting to know more intimately the community of beings that share it with me. My life is simply incomplete without this knowledge and, more importantly, these relationships. All in the world is about relationships. It’s about connection and community. And all these plants, trees, grasses, birds, mammals, mushrooms… all these beings, they are part of me and I am part of them. We are all a community, we all share this Planet, and we all depend on each others, in one way or the other. So one of my new years resolution for 2016 was to learn the names of the beings that share the same environment as myself. Already started with the identification of the local trees as well as wild edibles. A whole new world opens when we start to connect with the local living community and establish real relationships with them.



2 thoughts on “The Yellow Flowers

  1. This is a beautiful post! I particularly like the bit about how we are all a community. Not only are we undeniably a part of the natural world, but we are all connected to one another too. That is to say that what we do can affect people all around the globe.

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