Freezing Morning

Today it was really early in the morning when a thunderstorm began. The rain was pouring so hard on the roof that I started to worry that the downstairs floor would flood again. Thunders were loud and bright, some falling right next to our home. It wasn’t possible to sleep with all the loud sounds and rumbling, however, I didn’t mind that much. Listening to the rain and the thunders, under all my blankets and with my eyes closed, made me feel so happy… There’s really something about thunderstorms that fascinate me and make me feel really well and in peace… as well as very humble because they make me realise how small and fragile I am when compared with these forces of Nature.

The weather forecast said it would be rainy the whole day, however, we were gifted with some sun in the morning. The warm rays entered the bedroom through the window shutter and made me curious to go outside. Covering the pyjamas with my coat, scarf around the neck, I left the house with Maria to discover that all our garden and surroundings were covered with hailstones! How exciting! We had had snow before too, but we weren’t expecting to see our garden covered in white once again this season.



It rained for the rest of the day, mostly. As I work from home, it’s amazing to stop looking at the computer screen and be witness of the movement of the clouds on the mountains facing our living room. I can’t get tired of observing the subtle movement of the mist, it’s so deeply beautiful and mysterious. When the rain stops, small droplets hang from the naked tree branches. I wish my camera was good enough to capture the true beauty of this vision. I tried, nevertheless :) The colours, the dim light, the Great Tits flying around… sometimes this place, in all its simplicity and – at the same time – majesty, takes my breath away.



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