She’s the feminine role model I never had

She doesn’t care about what others think of herself. She says what she thinks when she thinks it, not caring if others will find her too loud or bossy. She is not afraid of showing love. Or vulnerability. She is vulnerable and strong and cute and fierce all at the same time. She is not worried about yesterday or tomorrow. She lives today and every day has the potential to become the best day ever.

She loves to eat a lot and drink water from ponds and jump like crazy and play with us and smell our faces and run like the wind. When she’s happy, she is happy. When she’s sad, she’s sad. When she’s disappointed, she’s disappointed. She simply doesn’t pretend just to impress or cover her feelings. She’s not afraid to become all muddy and smelly if that means she can have the best time of her life.

She is herself all the time. All-the-time. Always. Never fails, never stops. Never untrue to herself, to her core, to whom she really is. She’s the perfect feminine and human role model I never had. Until now.

There’s absolutely no evil in her eyes. Just Love. And Rawness. And Presence. And Awesomeness. And she teaches me more than she can ever imagine, every single day.



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