Peace in the Garden


I’m so SO happy! After years taking pictures with my lovely oldie camera, finally managed to purchase a DSLR! As you can imagine, today I spent part of the day having fun with the new camera. My old one had a very limited manual mode, so now it’s like a whole new world has opened before me and I have so much to explore! I love photography and being creative, so I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun with this new camera. Also, I really want to improve my portfolio – which you can visit here – and finally now I have the conditions I so desperately needed! :) Oh, and the digital art! Now I can try to produce as much as possible of my own material for my digital art, instead of relying on stock images, which is also great. Thank you so much Pedro, for being the most supportive husband in the whole world! Aah, I’m happy :) I can even capture the most sweet moments of Maria, which was not easy at all with my old camera as the shutter button would always get stuck for some reason, it wouldn’t focus in time, etc… But now… piece of cake :)


Today was a super sunny and warm day. After spending the whole week facing the computer screen and working hard on the 1st edition of Revista Ancestral (translation from Portuguese: Ancestral Magazine; a magazine focused on sustainable and simple living; more about this soon in the blog!), I thought I deserved some time outdoors. Well, more than deserving, I was craving for it, and the fact that the day was so beautiful and sunny only made it more irresistible to just turn off the laptop, put the boots on and head to the garden.


It’s almost end of March, so more than time to start the garden. I planted a couple of onions and sown a couple of fava beans about a month ago, and today continued with more onions and fava beans, plus garlic and peas. In this video, you can see Maria and I gardening :) (Maria also helps! Well… in her own cute and funny way :) ). I didn’t add any song to the video because I wanted to share with you the silence of this place… you can only listen to the breeze passing through the tree branches, the birds singing now and then, the insects buzzing :)

While opening space for the seeds and bulbs, I found some kind of wild leek growing in the garden! I’ve been learning about wild edible plants, and it really looks like one, however, I definitely need to cross check with some experts on the topic before considering to eat it. Nevertheless, I spotted dandelion in the garden as well, which is delicious and we love to eat it.


After the planting and watering, still had some extra time to keep experimenting with the camera. I was gifted with an amazing sunset at the end of the day, which I took the opportunity to photograph. This is what I saw from my balcony… And these are the moments that make me realise how I need to appreciate even more the gifts that are already present in my life!



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