Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox!! :)

I know, I know… The equinox was yesterday, however, this last weekend was so super busy I didn’t manage to come to the blog at all!

I’ll have many beautiful things to share in the blog during the next days, specially our visit to Plitvice National Park, on of the most beautiful parks I have ever visited; the opportunity that was offered to us to see a tribute concert to Lucio Battisti at the Croatian National Theatre in Split; and the release of the first edition of Portuguese “Ancestral Magazine”! And of course, I’ll share many of my photographs of those places and events, which I’m very excited about, so stay tuned :)

And now… I wish to take a moment to say how happy I am that, besides celebrating the official beginning of Spring, today is the day that marks 7 years of relationship with my handsome, amazing and loving husband ^_^ I love the fact that we celebrate this event every year when Spring comes, it’s so beautiful ehehe

To you, Pedro… after 7 years together… I still love you, very very much! To many more beautiful moments and many more adventures together! (with Maria, always) :)



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