Visiting Plitvice National Park

We wished to visit Plitvice almost since we had decided we would move to Croatia. The amazing photos we would see online only made us more curious and excited about that idea. Nevertheless, it took us almost a year to finally plan our visit to this National Park.

We learned that this park is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe. It is very famous for its sixteen lakes arranged in cascades. Because it’s such an untouched place without any industry around, the water is crystal clean, the air is pure. The park is heavily forested and has many endemic plants, with a great plant diversity. According to wikipedia, “the beech and fir trees in this area of the park are up to 700 years old”! This park is also home to many animals, such as the brown bear, the eagle, the lynx, the wolf and many others. Check out the photos below to see how the lakes were full of healthy fish! I added some links below for more specific information about this park, such as its history, topography, geology, fauna, flora, climate and so on.

It’s truly such a beautiful and sacred place… we were constantly in awe with the beauty of it. Wooden gangways over the lakes made it possible to cross them by foot and have a feeling of being in the womb of the lake. There was a huge waterfall with crystal water falling down, small drops in the air refreshing our faces. Walking from it, we ended up reaching a beautiful cave which led us to the top of the mountain and allowed us to have a spectacular view of the lakes from above. A shuttle bus was transporting people between the main points of interest, but there was also the possibility to explore several trails around the park. We also had the opportunity to cross one of the lakes in a boat, you can see below Maria behaving quite well on it :) Unfortunately, due to the high water level, we didn’t manage to visit the upper lakes. Oh well… this basically means we will have to go back some day! eheh :)

Overall, this was an amazing adventure! Not only amazing but also crazy, specially due to the long car travel we had to make in order to reach the park and come back on the same day. But it was totally worth the effort. Spring had come, the sky was cloudless, the sun was shinning… what could we ask more?

The only tiny thing I didn’t enjoyed so much? The huge amount of people visiting the park! I didn’t expect so many people during the low season, so I was a bit disappointed by it, specially because I have a hard time to connect with the landscape more deeply if there are several people moving around me and waiting to see if I leave so that they can take a picture on that spot! ahaha! (In Portuguese, we have an expression “bicho do mato”, which basically refers to someone who is very shy, anti-social and/or cannot fit in society. The direct translation is something like “creature of the bush”. Usually, it’s meant to be a joke on someone, something funny to say to someone else, but I believe I really am one! I should probably move to a cave and live as an ermit for the rest of my life… :D ) On the other hand, I’m happy that so many people are interested in visiting a national park, specially one as beautiful, inspiring and wild as Plitvice. Nothing better to raise awareness on nature conservation than to visit wild places like this one.

Now… I took over 400 photos (!!!) but managed to choose just a couple to share in the blog! :D I’ll probably keep sharing new photos on future posts, but for now I’ll share these. I truly hope you like them and feel inspired to connect with your local landscape. If you manage, you should really visit Plitvice NP :) Love!*

DSC_0006_darkt_p DSC_0012_darkt_p DSC_0095_darkt_p DSC_0118_darkt_p DSC_0122_darkt_p DSC_0272_darkt_p DSC_0306_darkt_p DSC_0325_darkt_p DSC_0354_darkt_p DSC_0388_darkt_p DSC_0396_darkt_p DSC_0425_darkt_p DSC_0435_darkt_p DSC_0441_darkt_p DSC_0484_darkt_p DSC_0513_darkt_p DSC_0541_darkt_p DSC_0587_darkt_p DSC_0616_darkt_p

Learn more about Plitvice National Park here:


3 thoughts on “Visiting Plitvice National Park

    1. I’m happy you liked them. If you have the opportunity, come to Croatia visit Plitvice! You’ll love it for sure :) But make sure you spend at least two days there, one day is not enough at all eheh There’s also another park called Krka National Park. It’s also amazing :)

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