Tribute concert to Lucio Battisti

It might sound surprising, but sometimes I leave my small Nature paradise and go to the city. That was the case last weekend, when a friend offered us 2 tickets to see a tribute concert at the Croatian National Theatre in Split. The concert was organized to remember the famous Italian singer, composer and songwriter Lucio Battisti. Neither Pedro or I knew the work of this singer. We had never been in the theatre as well, so… why not take the opportunity and just go?

The concert was very enjoyable. The first part with a man singing songs in Italian (I think they were his own songs, however, since we didn’t understand well his explanations due to language difficulties, we are not sure about this), the second part with a great band covering Lucio’s songs, definitely using their own creativity to give a new life to the originals.

Nevertheless, I must confess that one of the things that surprised me the most was the theatre itself! I had seen it from the outside many times before (even performed my dance art next to it) but never imagined it would be so beautiful inside. Apparently, this is one of the oldest surviving theatres in Dalmatia. It is very well preserved and very nice to be in. I took the opportunity to take some photos with low light and I think they ended up looking quite nice eheh :) Hope you enjoy them too!

DSC_0734_darkt_p DSC_0728_darkt_p DSC_0672_darkt_p DSC_0691_darkt_p DSC_0707_darkt_p DSC_0716_darkt_p

If you are curious about Lucio Battisti:


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