The beauty of the moment + Revista Ancestral


No sunset looks exactly the same. The colours of the sky, the leafs of the trees, the wind blowing, the birds singing… No moment is the same, each and every moment is unique and will never be repeated again, not exactly like that. So it’s difficult to just stay inside working on the computer when an amazing sunset is happening outside. I might never see anything like it ever again. I can’t miss this moment.

Each sunset fills the living room with the most amazing colours. Orange, magenta, blue, yellow… and some other colours I don’t even know the name of. As the sun illuminates everything in the room, I throw a glance at the draft of Revista Ancestral, printed in black and white. Together with Pedro, I worked hard for several weeks on this magazine – editing, designing, correcting – so that it would be ready on time to be released on the Spring Equinox. It’s part of a new project that Pedro and I started around November last year, called Editora Ancestral (english translation: “Ancestral Publisher”). It’s a small publishing project with the aim of publishing both books and a periodic magazine called Revista Ancestral (translation: “Ancestral Magazine), focused on the recovery of ancestral knowledge as well as on the fusion of this knowledge with current practises and perceptions in order to promote alternative and sustainable ways of life. We are open to many different topics, such as:

Permaculture | Organic/Biodinamic Agriculture | Alternative Economy/Politics | Herbalism | Feralculture | Alternative Schooling | Simple Living | Natural Apiculture | Wilderness Skills | Wild Edibles | Ecology | Others


The magazine is written in Portuguese and oriented to Portuguese writers and readers, however, we are happy to collaborate with people from other countries, when possible. The first edition is online only and free to download at our website. Donations are being accepted, so that we can release a paper version next edition. The reception of this first edition was super great! We’ve been received amazing feedback from the people reading the magazine, so we are really happy and highly motivated to continue :)

Learn more about the 1st edition of our magazine here:

You can put the link on google translator from Portuguese to your language to help you better understand the project :)


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