Exploring Korčula Island

I don’t really celebrate the Christian Easter (except by spending time with family when possible), however, I do celebrate the beginning of Spring. Pedro and I were both free for the long weekend of 4 days (and Maria too… she’s always ready to more adventure), so we decided to plan a trip to South Croatia and explore the islands of Korčula and Mljet as well as Dubrovnik. I was specially excited to visit Mljet because of its amazing Nature and its National Park!

The trip was short but very intensive. To travel between islands as well as manage to visit Dubrovnik without having to cross Bosnia and Herzegovina (our car insurance didn’t cover Bosnia, unfortunately), we had to catch 6 ferries in total. Korčula was the first island we visited. Since we only had a bit more than half a day to visit it, we decided to focus on both the main cities of Vela Luka and Korčula. One of the most exciting parts of our visit to Vela Luka was to find out about Vela Spila Cave, which we didn’t know anything about until we arrived to Vela Luka. This cave is an archaeological site which was continuously inhabited from the last Ice Age (around 18 000 years ago) to the middle Bronze Age. You can read all about this amazing cave here: http://www.velaspila.hr/en/about-us/about-vela-spila.html

Unfortunately, the cave was closed, so we could only catch a glimpse from the outside. Still, it was deeply inspiring for me. I love Pre-history and am always inspired to find new places like this one, where people lived, buried their loved ones and lived in harmony with Nature, before the “Agricultural Revolution”. The view from the cave was also amazing. You could see Vela Luka from above as well as the sea. The sun was bright and the air was warm. We walked to and from the cave and enjoyed the landscape covered with olive trees, flowers and insects buzzing around.

Later in the afternoon, we drove to Korčula and appreciated the sunset while walking through the narrow and medieval looking streets of the old town surrounded by stone walls. We learnt that the town of Korčula is the possible place of birth of Marco Polo, which is very interesting! As many other Croatian towns, Korčula has many churches and a cathedral. It was very nice to simply walk around and enjoy the amazing light while the sun was going down. We decided we would like to see it again in the next morning before the ferry, so we woke up earlier and took another walk around Korčula. And then, off we went back to the mainland, in order to get the ferry to Mljet!

I will write about Mljet next time. For now, enjoy our photos from our trip from home to Korčula island (photos both by me and Pedro) :)

DSC_0053_darkt_p DSC_0095_darkt_p DSC_0120_darkt_p DSC_0125_darkt_p DSC_0137_darkt_p DSC_0145_darkt_p DSC_0183_darkt_p DSC_0220_darkt_p DSC_0238_darkt_p DSC_0243_darkt_p DSC_0299_darkt_pDSC_0290_darkt_p2 DSC_0308_darkt_p


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