Island of Mljet

The island of Mljet has been so far my favourite Croatian island in Dalmatia. Over 72% of the island is covered with forest and there aren’t big cities, just small villages dispersed around the island. The whole island was very relaxing when we visited it. We found amazing views, lakes and deserted beaches. We visited its beautiful National Park with the big (Veliko Jezero) and small lakes (Malo Jezero) – the water was so blue and crystal clear! – and explored the amazing landscapes covered with pine trees. We hiked to Odysseus’s cave, where according to the legend Calypso – a nymph in Greek mythology – detained Odysseus for several years. We walked a lot (really a lot) and explored even more. The weather was really good, specially on the second day when we were blessed with a warm and sunny day. We laughed a lot like we hadn’t done for a long time, and it felt really good.

Today I don’t feel like writing so much, so I’ll just share our photos of this paradisical island. Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words :)

DSC_0539_darkt_pDSC_0552_darkt_pDSC_0567_darkt_pDSC_0647_darkt_pDSC_0664_darkt_p DSC_0674_darkt_p DSC_0687_darkt_pDSC_0815_darkt_p DSC_0828_darkt_p DSC_0842_darkt_p DSC_0909_darkt_p DSC_0924_darkt_p DSC_0959_darkt_pDSC_0006_darkt_p DSC_0034_darkt_p DSC_0044_darkt_p DSC_0237_darkt_p DSC_0250_darkt_p DSC_0263_darkt_p DSC_0313_darkt_p DSC_0326_darkt_p DSC_0354_darkt_p


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