Dubrovnik as King’s Landing | Game of Thrones’ Filming Locations

Warning: if you aren’t a GoT fan, perhaps this nerd post won’t interest you so much ehehe However, if you enjoy the series as much as we do, you might enjoy the photos below :)

The last place we visited on our Spring trip was Dubrovnik. This was a very exciting place for us to visit since both Pedro and I are big fans of the Game of Thrones series, and this city has been used several times as the “template” for King’s Landing.

We wanted to visit the city in a relaxed way and not be crazy about finding the exact filming spots of every single scene. So we did a simple research the day before, just to have an idea which places or buildings were the most relevant in terms of the series, and the next day we simply walked around and explored the place.


The old town is surrounded by amazing stone walls, which are worth visiting. From there, you can have amazing views of the city as well as of Fort Lovrijenac, where they filmed several scenes. You can hear the sea pounding on the cliffs and see the green Otok (island) Lokrum in the distance. After you go around the top of the walls, you can explore the narrow marble streets and appreciate the beauty of this medieval looking city. It’s so well preserved that, in certain parts of the city, it really feels that we have been transported to another place far distant in the past. The Strada of Dubrovnik, a long street with several shops and cafés, is the main shopping and gathering area of Dubrovnik. You can visit several churches, museums, beaches… there’s a bit of everything for everyone!

We took so many photos that I’ve decided for this post to only focus on sharing those related to Game of Thrones as well as compare them to scenes of the film. I might share a couple of non-GoT related photos of Dubrovnik on a future blog post for those not so interested in the series :) Enjoy!

Dubrovnik as King’s Landing

GreatSeptExteriorsTIsPTIb DSC_0543_darkt_p DSC_0549_darkt_p DSC_0791_darkt_p

Cersei & Littlefinger


Daenerys looking for her dragons

tracing-game-of-thrones-filming-locations-asta-skujyte-razmiene-croatia-5DSC_0565_darkt_p DSC_0574_darkt_p

The place where Joffrey was attacked by an angry mob

jofasfilmDSC_0766_darkt_p DSC_0763_darkt_p

Littlefinger and Sansa


Red Keep

fan-visit-real-life-game-of-thrones-filming-locations-asta-skujyte-razmiene-36 DSC_0800_darkt_p

Outside the walls


Cersei’s Walk of Shame


Where the Sparrows preach



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