Earth Jewellery

After a long break, I’ve decided to bring back my Earth Jewellery :) All the necklaces, pendants, headpieces and bracelets are 100% natural, handmade (by me) and biodegradable. Stones were found by myself while walking around local beaches. Hemp cord is used to make the jewellery. I am inspired by Nature, her simplicity and her colours. I am inspired by indigenous ways of living and by my ancestors that lived lightly on Earth. I am deeply honoured when someone purchases my Earth Jewellery because they support me, my family, my work and my creative process.


There have been some amazing Spring days around here lately. Warm sun, 22ºC, a gentle breeze, few clouds, the trees and the mountains getting greener by the day, dandelions colouring the dark soil, insects buzzing, birds singing and flying around, fava beans and parsley growing strong in the garden…

Oh, I love Spring so very much! Everything is so vibrant and full of life, I feel more alive too! My hands are not cold anymore, nor are my feet. I can walk barefoot and wear a dress and feel warm and cosy. Today morning I spent a couple of hours just sitting in the balcony, admiring life around me. Just observing, just experiencing how everything is alive, from the trees to the rocks to the birds. I don’t want to just learn from others, I don’t want to just study theory, I want to experience how life happens and exists, and how cycles close and connect, and how I am so connected to that bee, that mountain, that dandelion…

A couple of days ago, on another amazing sunny day, I went to the bush to take new photos of my Earth Jewellery. Maria loved our walk too, and she photobombed – as usual – a couple of photos with her local friend, which we call Ivana (another black dog that looks so much like her! :D ) because we don’t know her name. We arrived back home so tired that neither of us left the couch that evening (except to eat, of course ehehe) :D

All my Earth Jewellery is available to be purchased at my online shop here. Hope you enjoy the photoshoot! :) Please share this post with any friend of yours that might be interested on my handmade art!

Muito obrigada!

(thank you very much in Portuguese) :)

DSC_0062_darkt_01_pDSC_0125_darkt_01_p DSC_0084_darkt_01_p DSC_0088_darkt_01_p DSC_0091_darkt_01_p DSC_0149_darkt_01_p DSC_0109_darkt_01_p DSC_0124_darkt_01_p DSC_0103_darkt_01_p DSC_0137_darkt_01_p DSC_0186_darkt_p


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