Exploring a new trail

Photos from yesterday’s walk with Maria. We decided to explore a new trail, actually very close to our house… I’m surprised we never noticed it before! It’s amazing how a single place can offer so much even after so many months of exploring it. And if we pay attention to the smallest details, then we will be surprised by the same wild place forever :) Hope you had a beautiful day!

DSC_0015_darkt_01 DSC_0024_darkt_01 DSC_0051_darkt_01 DSC_0059_darkt_01DSC_0011_darkt_darktDSC_0070_darktDSC_0132_darkt_01


4 thoughts on “Exploring a new trail

    1. I am :) It’s not always easy to live so isolated, but at the same time this place has been teaching me more than I could ever imagine, and for that I am deeply grateful. I am a changed person from when I moved here the first time

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  1. Because I’m introverted, I actually enjoy a lot time alone, specially in Nature. What I miss sometimes is not so much being in a busy city or surrounded by people, but actually to have a couple of people/friends close by with whom I can have interesting conversations :)


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