In the Garden

Sunny Spring Days are… Gardening Days! It feels so good to be outside in the sun, making my hands all dirty :) Yesterday I selected seeds of watermelon, melon, two kinds of pumpkin and two kinds of beans – some were heirloom seeds from Pedro’s mother and others had been saved by us from the organic produce we buy locally – and placed them in small containers outside. Hopefully they will grow during the next weeks, so that soon we can change them to the land :)

Last season, due to the fact we had to move to a new home, we lost all our garden and had to start it all over again here. However, when we moved, the Summer had already started and we didn’t manage to grow that much food, unfortunately. Still, we did grow a lot of green and red beans, which was very rewarding! This year, though, I’m putting more effort in the garden and sow the right seeds every month, trying to go with the season and with the moon cycle. According to what I’ve learned so far, yesterday wasn’t actually the best time to sow because the moon was waxing, but… oh well, I did it nevertheless. I think it’s important to try and test for yourself what you read somewhere else, so let’s see what happens :)

Below you can check out some of yesterday’s gardening photos. Hope you enjoy them, and let me know if you also enjoy gardening where you live :)

DSC_0013_darktDSC_0018_darkt DSC_0022_darkt DSC_0027_darktDSC_0028_darkt DSC_0037_darkt DSC_0050_darkt DSC_0058_darkt DSC_0062_darkt_01DSC_0070_darkt


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