Mulching Day | Garden Update

Yesterday was mulching day. The sun came back and there were no clouds in the sky, so took the opportunity to work in the garden as well as soak in the sun :) Loads of wild plants are growing everywhere now, including in our garden. I love them and am constantly learning about their names, their roles in the ecosystem as well as if they are edible and/or medicinal. I avoided cutting too many of them as most are flowering now and therefore are super important for a variety of insects, including bees. So with my sickle, I tried to leave most flowers behind but still get enough green mulching to cover the soil around our crops.


Mulch is extremely helpful in the garden, since it helps not only to enrich the soil with nutrients but also cover it in order to protect it from erosion and keep the water down, therefore avoiding evaporation. It’s especially important in Summer, when water is scarce and we want to keep the soil moist as long as possible.

We don’t have a greenhouse here. However, as the temperatures had been quite high during day and night, we thought that our seed trays were fine outside, on top of the water well. They received sun and we could easily care for and water them there. Now… as you know, there was snow a couple of night ago, and we weren’t expecting it at all… in the morning, when I looked at the seed trays covered in ice, I thought we had lost them all to the cold…

Well, I am super excited to say that our baby beans survived to the snow and are germinating just fine! Their “little heads” are coming out of the earth just now and they look super strong and healthy :D It’s such a beautiful moment to see them coming out of the earth, shy but with so much courage to putting themselves out there, even though they are so fragile…


Regarding our other seeds, such as of melon, watermelon and pumpkin, so far no plants showing up… let’s hope they managed as well and will germinate soon. I can’t wait to eat my own garden watermelon when the peak of Summer strikes! ehehe

Besides our seeds, our fava plants are looking great, they bent a little bit with the snow but seem to be fine again. Our garlic plants are looking fantastic, only the onions suffered a bit last week when our neighbour decided to come with his brush cutter to our garden and “chop” the tops of some of them by mistake… let’s hope they manage to survive! We also have parsley and coriander growing, but no photos of them… Maybe next time :)

DSC_0011_darkt_pDSC_0013_darkt_p DSC_0015_darkt_p DSC_0021_darkt_p DSC_0035_darkt_p DSC_0049_darkt_p DSC_0054_darkt_p


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