Visiting the North of Croatia

So many months have passed since my last post on this blog. A lot has happened since then and, now that my journey in Croatia is reaching its end, I feel a bit sad that I didn’t document it in more detail on this blog. On the other hand, there were a lot of emotional and self-growth moments which would be too hard to blog about and I feel that maybe it was all better this way anyway. Nevertheless, you can always check out my photography on both my facebook and instagram accounts and take a look the amazing places we’ve been visiting lately :)

At the end of August, we decided to visit the whole North of Croatia for the first time. We visited many wonderful places, full of Life and Nature. During the next days, you can expect some blog posts about this adventure as well as about our future plans, now that we are leaving Croatia for good. So many amazing news to share, I am looking forward to it!

The photos below were some of the first of this travel to the North, on the first place we stopped to rest for the night, nearby Velebit National Park. Truly, a magical place!




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