Velebit National Park [Part 1]

Velebit National Park… probably the most beautiful national park I have ever visited in my life. There was something so untamed, so wild, so raw about this place, I could lose myself there over and over again, forever. It made me dream of ancient times, when humans lived in a more connected way to the Land, moving from one place to another, passing through old growth forests and meadows, hunting and gathering, deeply embedded in the landscape. Most of us don’t know anything about our ancestors, how they lived, related to their surroundings, saw themselves in the world. However, because they were our ancestors, there’s something inside us that triggers every time we go to a place as wild as Velebit. A sense of connection and awe that you can never find in a crowded and loud city.

Because Velebit NP touched my heart so deeply (and I took hundreds of photos on this day), I’ve decided to divide my favourite memories of this place in different blog posts, which I’ll publish during the following days/weeks. Today, I share with you a selection of photos of the amazing landscapes of Velebit. The mountains, the tall trees, the rocks, the horses, the meadows… a truly magical place.

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