Nature Details | Velebit National Park [Part 2]

I love close ups and details of Nature. If I had a proper macro lens, I would lose myself in the middle of wild flowers, buzzy insects and the amazing living world that lives mostly hidden from our eyes. Hidden not because it is actively hiding itself from us, but because we tend to overlook most of the life that surrounds us. As Humans, we are constantly too busy to stop, to busy to see, smell and touch, to busy to experience Nature. And clearly that’s one of the reasons we destroy without a second thought so many wild places. Because we don’t know who lives there, the life that thrives in that place, the beautiful beings that are our family as much as our human brother or mother. And this is true both from an animist and scientific point of view… we are all related.

Below is a selection of photos I took while visiting Velebit National Park, this time focusing on details. I am in love with Velebit and I hope you will too after seeing these photos as well as those from my last post :)

20160827-dsc_0059-2 20160827-dsc_0139-220160827-dsc_0055-2 20160827-dsc_0039-3 20160827-dsc_0087-3




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