Trees of Velebit

While in Velebit National Park, I couldn’t avoid but contemplate the trees that lived there. Individuals part of a larger community, communicating, breathing, living. The more we learn about plants, trees and fungi, the more we understand how extremely complex forests are. And in the mid of so many young and old trunks, some capture our eyes more than others. Perhaps because they have something on their bark that make them stand out, perhaps they have been shaped by the wind in an incredible manner, or perhaps they are dying, their bark drying out, and have no leaves. Tree personalities. Young trees, vibrant and full of life, and old trees, carrying inside them deep wisdom and stories of their own.

During my day in Velebit, I took many photos of some of these trees, the ones whose amazing personality impressed me so much that I felt compelled to approach and observe them closely. Below, you are invited to meet these amazing beings as well through my photography, in a small collection called “Trees of Velebit”.

20160827-dsc_0100-3 20160827-dsc_0135-3 20160827-dsc_0142-3 20160827-dsc_0150-3 20160827-dsc_0151-3 20160827-dsc_0161-3




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