The mountains and the woods fascinate me. Also, the ocean, the mist, the morning dew, the sunrise and the sunset. My deepest wish is to live in synchrony with the rhythms of the Earth. In the mid of our crazy life, my husband Pedro, our female dog Maria and I ended up moving to Dalmatia in Croatia, living in a house facing beautiful trees and mountains. It hasn’t been an easy journey for us, this one. However, each day we spend in this beautiful and wild place, we get to know more deeply the spirits of the place – of the birds, insects, trees, shrubs, wild grass, rocks, mountains, stars – and curiously, we get to know even deeper our own selves. And after 1 year and half, we are ready to move again.

So this is a blog where I’ll share my photography as well as the journey of myself and my family. A journey of self-discovery, of love, of diving deep into Nature. A journey along which we will garden, live simply, learn ancient skills and dive into animism and Nature.